My Tiger My Timing @ Cargo, 31/07/09

August 11, 2009 by  

My tiger my timing

Shoreditch is home to Cargo; a metropolitan jungle where the hip weave amongst bamboo sticks to have a tasty drink and a sexy dance. Tonight South London New Cross newcomers My Tiger My Timing are here to provide the soundtrack. With fiery red hair and a black and white striped dress, front-woman Anna Vincent represents the bold and passionate qualities of this quirky new band. With soothing vocals, gritty words and a subtle lisp, ?Ask Your Heart? is honest and raw. Think the Happy Mondays then add a futuristic, post twenty first century angle.

Combining electro synth with hints of reggae and steel pans, tune after tune made the crowd dance until it dropped. ?On My Record Player? had everyone singing along to the chorus proving that experiment?s can also be great catchy pop tunes. As MTMT jumped from song to song, the crowd swayed in all directions soaking up the energy that oozed from their entertainers. Performing infront of a moving screen where cars sped down narrow streets and the cityscape loomed ahead made things even better; MTMT could easily be the sound of London town.

Despite being just over a year old, this fresh faced band have already collaborated with critically acclaimed electro popstars Hot Chip. And it seems to be a family affair with founding members, James and Anna Vincent, being brother and sister. On stage, MTMT work so well together you almost want to jump up and join them. As their set nears to an end, it?s clear they didn?t want to leave and we didn?t want them to stop, but then all good things must come to an end.

Luckily this is only the beginning and the future looks bright for this five piece wonder; from Shoreditch to pop sensation they may just go.