Mac DeMarco @ Birthdays, London 19/11/12

November 22, 2012 by  

When I was told I was gonna review Mac DeMarco’s sold-out gig, I have to admit I was kinda happy. When I was told the gig was gonna take place at Birthdays I puked a little in my mouth, and didn’t really like the taste of it.

I have to admit that although I go there frequently, I have a love-hate relationship with that venue. I always feel the need to defend my credibility and myself when I go there: “Yeah I went to Birthdays but blablabla was playing so I didn’t really have a choice” etc etc. But for once, I didn’t regret it and was actually surprised.

And why you ask me? Well I’m going to tell you all about it. First of all, people were actually INSIDE the venue and not outside – piled on the sidewalk like some sort of new hipster cattle breed, starring coldly at each other?s clothes while smoking fags and talking about the organic-vegan-gluten-free piece of carrot cake they bought from their local Whole Foods.

To be honest I don’t know if Mac DeMarco started something by sticking his tongue inside his bassist?s throat, but people actually DANCED. You heard right, Dalston people actually removed the finger they usually have stuck so far, faaaaar up their bum and danced. Well maybe they didn’t dance, but I’m sure they moved a little.

For once it didn’t feel like a f***ing catwalk but an actual gig where people had fun and it made me happier than thousands of Mister Freeze and I felt like hugging Mac DeMarco and giving him a Megadude Medal.

And as for the gig itself, well, I was expecting a chilled out gig and had even made sure I was placed next to the wall so I could lean against it like a granny on Valium. How wrong I was! It was actually wild. Well maybe not Fidlar-type wild but it was nothing like the recording. Just as good, but way more fun. I-am-now-taking-my-coat-off-and-placing-my-bagpack-on-the-floor-just-so-I-can-gesticulate-freely type of fun.

Mac DeMarco bounced up and down, played most of the set crawling on the floor. He was sweating, his trademark cap fell on the floor, he handed whisky to the crowd and was quite charismatic, but what I liked best was that it wasn’t just all about him, his band was just as good – if not better.

In short, it didn’t feel like it was MAC DEMARCO and his musicians. It felt like a band and a good one. The guitarist played awesome solos, the drummer well, had nice hair and “Sexyboy” bassist cracked me up with his British Airways and the Dark Night Rises jokes.

They played the obvious ?Rock & Roll Nightclub? and ?Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans?, which I used to hate on record but actually loved on stage – he left the whole first album Crooner act somewhere far in Canada and I thank him for it. Covered Police?s ?Message in a Bottle? out of nowhere, then went on again with ?Ode to Viceroy? and the great ?Still Together?. I remember thinking: “If I could smoke right now it would be even better.”

Anyway, I had a good night and I’m sure if some London people weren’t so stuck up, they would have had as well. He actually had to ask people if he could crowd-surf before he took his jump. God I wish people were a little less obnoxious sometimes.