Lulu and The Lampshades @ The Lexington 02/02/2011

February 10, 2011 by  

Though Lulu and the Lampshades have been a fixture on the festival and gigging circuit for some time, tonight is a celebration of the release of their first EP, Cold Water.

Negotiating first the bar (for a lovely pint of Sierra Nevada), the snaking queue and the miles long guest list we finally find ourselves upstairs and packed into the sardine audience at the Lexington, just in time for Luisa and her band to take stage.

It’s hard to describe them as anything but charming. Over the years they’ve developed from a lofi messy folk pop band, to an outfit with musical chops. They bring an innocent enthusiasm to every song, joyously confounding convention with their imaginative instrumentation, from swapping instruments about, to sharing playing a glockenspiel at once, to percussing with cups or anything they seem to find at hand.

Things I liked:
Luisa’s Les Paul baritone uke
The drummer. Fucking tops.
The surprise trumpet solo in Cold Water
Calyspo vibes
The bass player’s fraggle impression
Ubercool scowly Shoreditch types dropping their cool to sing along with ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’

Things I didn’t like:
The man that stood on my toe

Turns out that though years ago I nearly pigeonholed Lulu & The Lampshades as twee folk pop (bleh) due to my innate hatred of ukes, actually, I fucking love them. I take it back Josh Jones, you win.