Kings Go Forth @ The Jazz The Caf?, London 13/01/2011

January 24, 2011 by  

The Jazz Caf? is not usually a place I would find myself on a Thursday night, in fact the only time I graced its plush floor before was during the Camden Crawl a couple of years back when everywhere else was full. The reason for tonight?s visit was to satisfy my child hood indulgence in all that was ?60s-?70s soul and Mowton. Thankfully, over in the US there has been resurgence of late, with tonight?s headliners Kings Go Forth leading from the front.

Combining the vocal delivery of past greats, Mayfiled, Gaye and Robinson to name a few, the dual vocals are primarily melded with two distinct types of music throughout the set ? funk and soul. Admittedly not too distant cousins, but the difference on delivery is noticeable as is the band’s get-up

The band fills the stage with their expanse of horn players, keyboards, rythmn section and the aforementioned singers. To add to the visual spectacle all members of the band are dressed in matching capes and give the impression of being in some weird afro beat cult that forgot the ?70s ended 40 years ago.

Anyway, back to the music. The incessant drums and rhythm on tracks such as ?One Day? and ?Don?t Love You No More?? provide the set with its energy and pulse but when punctuated by the more vocal-centric tracks, such as the breezy Motown of ?You?re The One?, The King?s manage to reign in the pace of the show before unleashing it yet again to keep the crowd going.

And go they do, by the time the never ending encore, well, finally comes to an end Kings Go Forth had reminded the 200 or so enthusiasts what was so great about soul music, before today?s current crop of auto-tuned pop stars got hold of it. The only thing holding the King?s back is there lack of forward thinking, but when the drums are rolling that hard who really cares?