Fenech-Soler, London 13/06/2009

June 19, 2009 by  


It seems Fenech-Soler could be standing on the cusp of tantalising greatness. Armed with an arsenal of incredible electro tunes written with nuance well beyond their tender years, they are paused, tentative, waiting for the world to cotton on.

For the music fan this calm before the storm of success yields the opportunity to witness their superb live show in intimate surroundings. Tonight the boys are playing an underground warehouse party in an industrial wasteland in the arse end of London. Despite best efforts to make sure not a soul can find it, there are 350 people who?ve braved the night air and have the venue bursting it?s buttons to witness surely one of the last gigs Fenech-Soler will do in relative anonymity.

Looking every inch the sensation in their golden stage garb they take to the stage and without ceremony begin to tear it up with some tight moves and tighter sounds. It?s refreshing to see a band give it some gusto and sound a death knell to shoe gazing.

Beneath the armour of electronics, each song has a classic pop song skeleton, and it?s this bone structure that elevates FS above the glut of contemporary indie-electro. They won?t win awards for innovation, but the song writing is flawless, pumped with hard and nasty synth licks and adroit bass lines.

The lads pull out debut single ?Cult of the Romance? in the middle of the set, a slice of glorious pop pie with razor-sharp electro smarts, and is swiftly followed by alchemic track ?Lies?, an exhilarating juxtaposition of soaring vocals and shuddering synths that flex the sound system?s bottom end, quaking the roof of the warehouse venue. New tracks are equally thrilling and aired triumphantly to the ends of a mass dance off/sweat off.

It?s a short, sharp set, one that leaves the crowd lustily demanding an encore, and they return to double cream the ears of the audience with one of their early tunes, ?The Fight?. Their set has been a one-two jab to the head, and the crowd are heard uttering no faint praise as they make their head swum way home. With a blistering live set like this the trajectory of Fenech-Soler will be truly stellar, and that?s factuality.

By Hannah Lanfear