Dinosaur Pile Up @ The Water Rats, Kings Cross 30/07/2009

August 7, 2009 by  


Have you seen American History X? Y?know that bit when Edward Norton makes his victim bite the pavement and then stamps viciously on the back of the head, shattering his face with a sickening crunch? Well Dinosaur Pile-Up are that boot in the skull to every insipid indie pop band there is, a violent fist in the face of the glut of Fratelli-esque indie bands. Farewell skinny jeans, we shan?t miss you a bit, for spit and sawdust rock and roll is back. [Fanfare.]

Leeds. Who?d have thunk it? Having fostered bands such as Soft Cell and Kaiser Chiefs, it?s hardly as if those of us with a lust for worthy tunes were gazing at Leeds expectantly, waiting for them to rescue our sonic taste buds. There?s no denying contemporary trends have reached a musical stalemate. The charts are constipated with indie sans poke, colour-me-in electro pop, and a bunch of give-a-fuck pop songs. What?s this then? A pair of bands rise from the Yorkshire foothills snarling and spitting like angry fox cubs: our heroes, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Pulled Apart By Horses, the latter a metal band who will incinerate your retinas (in a positive way) with their physically dangerous live performance; the former, the band in question. You can cheer now.

This sleepy mid-week evening Dinosaur Pile-Up are playing Water Rats, giving King?s Cross all hell, administering the new material from their forthcoming EP a rigorous shake out and punishing the PA with some amp shredding shizzle. Having released two criminally good singles on Friends Vs Records they?ve amassed a base of loyal fans, been awarded plentiful gold stars by the critics and have compiled a dossier of life changing tunes in their King Kong knapsack. This August they are releasing their first EP, with a slight, yet notable change in sound. It?s compelling stuff: pulsing bass lines, crisp, attacking drums, and tempestuous guitar riffs. Without even a blush they wear their influences like a Tigger tie to the office, these lads have been guzzling down Foo Fighters and Nirvana with a funnel for a straw and supping burning petrol as a chaser. It might not be breaking new ground, but at banality saturated times like this, it?s exactly what our mollycoddled ears need.

The set takes in the sights and sounds of debut single ?Traynor?, the menacing ?My Rock and Roll? before launching into glorious, heart mashing b-side, ?Love Is a Boat and We?re Sinking?. Our shandy faced crowd greet both old and new tunes in happy uproar. Closing on ?It?s So Easy? the lads leave the stage before being greedily cheered back on for a storm through of ?Beach Bug?.

Dinosaur Pile-Up then: the future of rock and roll. Buy their EP, go see them live, follow their every move, camp outside their house and rummage through their bins. It might never be reciprocated, but it?ll be true love, I promise you.

By Hannah Lanfear