Chief @ Luminaire, London 02/07/09

July 8, 2009 by  


It was inevitable that in the wake of Fleet Foxes success that we?d be introduced to a slew of similar bands and Chief are another hoping to follow the road of success paved by the Seattle quintet. Tonight at the Luminaire it feel like a celebration, the band have just signed to Domino and a surprisingly packed room (Blur are headlining Hyde Park at the very same moment) are treated to a triumphant set that bodes very well for the future.

Like Fleet Foxes, Chief hark back to the Topanga Canyon scene of the early 70s ? trading Americana sonics with three and four part harmonies. Lead vocals are traded between Evan Koga and Michael Fujikawa and tonight they are both in great voice.

The set starts out slow and it takes a couple of track for the quartet to hit their stride but songs such as ?You Tell Me? and ?Nice People? showcase why people have been raving about their performances including a recent appearance at Glastonbury. At their best, Chief are able to take their harmonies and fuse them with some beautifully simple yet rousing guitar work and in drummer Danny Fujikawa they have a focal point for the energy to be emitted through.

By the end of the set, Chief are in full flow, obviously enjoying themselves on stage, and the music only benefits. Song after song is delivered with great ease, never challenging the listener too much but delivering a communal sense of warmth. We leave on a high with a band, a band we think will be delivering many highs in the months to come.

By Dan Melia