Chief – Hoxton Bar and Grill, London 31/08/2010

September 12, 2010 by  

In support of this month?s ?Modern Rituals? album release the foursome that comprise Santa Monica newbies ?Chief? have been gigging their hearts out. Shows around the UK festival scene this summer have been plentiful and by Christmas the band will also have completed mini tours of the States and Europe.

Tonight Chief are in central London and having collected drinks from the bar they saunter through the expectant Hoxton crowd assembled in the slightly cavernous venue, clamber up the steps of the stage and after sorting a few equipment issues launch into the rather taut sounding ?Mighty Proud?.

Lead by singer Evan Koga the band swagger around the stage and having expelled his last vocal of the aforementioned track Koga turns to the crowd and coyly announces, ?We?re called Chief.?

This is the first opportunity the audience has to take stock of the U.S mob and in all honesty you?d never pick them out to be in a band together. Luckily for Chief and their audience, musically they seem to fit together well.

It is not long into the set before lead guitar player Danny Fujikawa, a towering, bearded individual swaps microphones with his frontman and belts out track ?This Man?. Danny?s brother, Michael Fujikawa tastefully backs his brother via his trademark kick and tom drum parts, an integral part of the Chief sound to say the least.

Perhaps not helped during the set by the rather polite crowd, Chief hold their own. In fact by the time the American?s launch into their stand out track ?Breaking Walls? the placid gig goers start to thrust their hands in the air and can be heard backing Koga as he ardently strolls through his spine tingling vocal part.

By the time recent single and set closer ?Night and Day? comes around the audience are suitably impressed to the point that one girl enquires whether she can join the band on stage to dance. Praise indeed and drummer Michael duly accepts her request.

Chief were on form tonight. It is clear that the coming tours that are planned will help the group to hone their set that bit further but despite this education Chief are already a band of substance who have the ability to pen, in a word, anthems.