Young Rebel Set ? Curse Our Love (Big Flame)

June 26, 2011 by  

Young Rebel Set hail from Stockton on Tees in the North of England, they?re a 7 piece band whose sound is described as blue collar folk rock by the press which means that they are very serious and have no sense of humour.

Of course an exaggeration on my part but that is the misconception of this type of artist, it is also the misconception that only working class fathers enjoy this style of music, so lovingly coined ?Dad Rock? by the press. That is if assuming that the music is written purely for them, which in this case is not necessarily true. These songs sound like love songs in the style of ?Blue Collar Folk Rock?, which is confusing especially with a band name like Young Rebel Set. It suggests a rebellious, we are against the man attitude but I hear nothing of the sort in their lyrics it?s all style no substance and the sound reeks of Americana.

And then there?s the 7 piece band aspect of it which shows how much of an influence Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band are but you wouldn?t know there were that many band members if you weren?t told, it is not reflected in their sound. Save yourself some copyright earnings and sack half the band Chipchase, assuming that he plans on sharing his earnings.
This bunch don?t seem to know who or what they are yet, so I?ll have to judge them purely on what I?m hearing which is what as a reviewer I?m suppose to do anyway.

So here goes, stand out tracks are If I was, Measure of A Man and Bagatelle , these are the best out of an ok bunch of loves songs, which in turn are a tribute to heroes such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash. The Dylan Influence is at it?s strongest on Fall Hard a song which adopts Dylan?s vocal and writing style, Borders is the Springsteen track and Lion?s Mouth is the Cash one. Should I also mention the cardinal sin committed against the church of Rebel rock, the very distinct lack of an anthem. If I was is the closest they come to it but it’s not strong enough to make the cut.

It?s hard to write a review objectively when the music you are reviewing is so embedded in its very famous influences. These boys might as well be a tribute act because they would be better at it than this; I mean this as constructive criticism maybe in time they?ll grow into they?re own sound but for now its back to the drawing board.