Yeti Lane – Yeti Lane (Sonic Cathedral) 25/01/2010

January 28, 2010 by  

Yeti Lane are a Parisian threesome led by Ben Pleng, formerly of critically acclaimed post-rock outfit ?Cyann & Ben?, until the departure of Cyann. After seven years together, her departure created an intentional and quite drastic change in direction with new group Yeti Lane. With this, their self titled debut album, he has come from an ambitious post-rock multi instrumental four piece to a back-to-basics Shins loving Indie-pop trio. And It?s paid off.

Yes there is a slight lean to psychedelia, and a smidgeon of (some of the more gentle) Flaming Lips melodies but it?s essentially good honest indie Pop – possibly like a Vampire Weekend chill out session.

After driving opener, the very Shins ?First-Rate Pretender?, ?Black Soul? layered but laid back, and almost dark side – but it?s no more then a shadow, and like the similar ?Only One Look? has enough going on over it?s drums and sparse fuzzy electric guitar to keep you interested.

Most tracks, like those two, are emotive offerings, and they?re not trying to get you on your feet – look elsewhere for another ?A-Punk? – and the sprightly ?Twice? is about as raucous as proceedings get.

Yeti Lane consciously wanted to make a good pop album, so you would possibly expect some nice little three minute tunes – yet three songs in and close to 15 minutes later you feel they?re pushing the boundaries a bit further, which surprisingly works well.

Beautifully constructed ?Lucky Bag? has more rhythm, along with the wonderful soul-filled single ?Lonesome George?, but both are still consistent with the album as a whole.

What sets the band apart, is how you can get so much out of a three piece – it?s charm is in each note or rhythm saying so much without shouting it at you, and every part has it?s place. ?Solar? is the epitome of the tender and concordant layering throughout the record.

?Yeti Lane? is laid back pop but is by no means twee, and as a pop album should be, is very easy to lose yourself in it?s unpretentious, harmonious splendour. If not forever.