Wet Paint ? Woe (Records Records Records)

May 31, 2011 by  

There has been a withering of guitar bands over recent years but 2011 could see the return of many a guitar riff, with Wet Paint being part of this resurgence. They formed when the alternative-country band Absentee split in 2008 and released a very well received debut album, It Rots. Woe is their follow up and looks to be a progression of their sound, which could lead to an increase in buzz surrounding them with festival season right round the corner.

The opening track ?Gone So Long? is a very strong start to the album, displaying Wet Paint?s ability to write a hook with a driving guitar riff enticing you into the song from the first beat. There is plenty of generic wooing to go with the very accomplished, if slightly americanized, vocals from lead singer Babak Ganjei providing a very strong start to the album.

?Upright Casuals? follows with 2:56 of delectable indie pop. It won?t turn any heads but it is short, sweet and upbeat which you can?t say for ?Distant Memory?. The song shows a slightly heavier side to the band with driving guitar riffs taking up the chorus and adding a darker vibe.

The tone then shifts again with ?Aim Low? slowing things down for a few minutes, showing that amongst everything Wet Paint are certainly diverse and that they can fit in through numerous places along the indie spectrum. This is a theme throughout the album with each subsequent track sounding considerably different from the last.

?Birds Yawn? is one of the best tracks on the album. Again it displays the band?s ability to write a decent hook with the guitars not overpowering the vocals, which on some previous tracks seemed to be the case. The chorus isn?t the greatest but the rest of the song is decent enough for it to be carried. The album finishes on a sombre note with ?Lynchstrumental?. This track is definitely an album filler with many of the stronger tracks being in a different league to this – its slow driving beat just ambles on to what is a very disappointing end to the album.

Overall, ?Woe? started very well with tracks such as ?Gone So Long? and ?Upright Casuals? but it seems to lose a bit of steam towards the end. For fans of Wet Paint or indie music in general it will be a very good buy, but it won?t turn too many new listeners into fans im afraid.