Tricky – Mixed Race (Domino) 27/09/2010

October 18, 2010 by  

Coming off the back of 2008?s Knowle West Boy, an album which saw Tricky hitting the reset button, Mixed Race is very much a continuation of his revitalized sound. After years in the wilderness after 2003?s dull ?Vulnerable?, Knowle West Boy saw Tricky get back to basics and construct a fresher sounding record. Mixed Race is a more direct record, but one that is equally as intriguing.

Scattered with guest vocalists, including his on-stage partner Franky Riley, Tricky seems to take a step back from the singing and rapping. Instead, he chooses to watch over the tracks, chipping in with his low spoken vocals to remind everyone who is in control. Opener ?Every Day? is a haunting, psychedelic track featuring Riley and Tricky singing in unison, a common feature of the album, but it’s the inclusion of tracks like ?Kingston Logic? which really show Tricky?s intentions here. A funky, almost disco track, this is as close to a club track Tricky will get.

Ever the experimentalist, album closer ?Bristol to London? finds Tricky doing gangsta rap. It’s an infectious synth driven record, with Tricky?s brother Marlon Thaws delivering the vocals, whilst lead single, ?Murder Weapon?, is a heavy, riff driven track that doesn?t outstay it?s welcome. In fact none of the tracks do, and the album clocks in at under thirty minutes, which is refreshing change.

With every track incorporating different styles, musical genres and guest vocalists, it is a testament to Tricky that he manages to create so much in so little time. As a result, we don?t get the lengthy, indulgent numbers that we previously would have done, and there are no wasted seconds. More importantly though, what we do get is a focused, more accessible, yet equally as ecletic record that leaves us wanting more from a man who has rediscovered his form.