Thirteen Senses – Crystal Sounds (b-sirius) 21/02/2011

March 8, 2011 by  

Thirteen Senses return after a four year hiatus and a difficult second album, with another difficult album – their third. For a band that has been through the mill in the last decade in terms of record sales and label battles they?ve returned with a semi strong-ish album. Like Keane before them they have suffered the comparisons to Coldplay for as long as they?ve been around and it must chafe by now but I?m afraid those comparisons aren?t going away anytime soon.

Crystal Sounds offers some descent tunes; ?Loneliest Star? is a strong leading single, with the hooks and climax intent vocals all strategically placed and the writing by numbers formula works fine here. ?Home? is another climax inducing track with trickling piano parts, it?s pretty. Barring ?Out There?, the rest of the album is a drone of what, sorry to say it, Coldplay and even Keane achieve in a much better way. However, Crystal Sounds is not a bad album, these boys can clearly write classy music, but the problem is that none of it is memorable; you can?t be too clever about these things.

This album offers nothing new in terms of originality, the world has moved on to an Electro induced musical landscape, which leaves Thirteen Senses sounding like ancient and middle of the road, not a good place to be fellas.

Track 11 ‘Send Myself To Sleep’ pretty much sums up how I feel about this album. Bit of a bore!