The Raveonettes – In And Out Of Control (Fierce Panda) 05/10/2009

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Raveonettes In and out of Control

The Danish rock and roll duo, Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner are back with their dreamy pop-infested tones and dark lyrical content in the shape of ?In and out of control?, their fourth album release in 8 years.

Swaying between sugary melodic songs, clearly influenced by the nostalgic-pop of the ?60s, and dazzling dark mellow tones, their record is far from anonymous. Pulling off a retro pop-rock record without ending up as another generic and pompous mash up is a tricky task, but ?The Raveonettes? have solved the ?pop-formula? conundrum in their own peculiar way, and the record serves quality and originality throughout.

The Scottish alternative ?80s and ?90s rock band ?The Jesus and Mary Chain? is still prowling around the seams, along with references from ?The Everly Brothers?. Most noticeably ??In and Out of Control? is a bit rougher and dirtier than their previous records, but they haven?t gone through a drastic reformation or identity crisis since the last album. The duo are still comfortably genre-bending garage-rock, rockabilly and dogma rock, whilst flirting minimalistically with cloudy shoegaze. And it all makes perfect sense on their 11 tracks spread on scarcely 37 minutes.

Telling melancholic tales with dusky content including rape, drugs and suicide, combined with their innocent and velvety textured voices, the contrasts are endearing. Singing ?Boys who rape should be destroyed. Those fucker?s stay in your head? and ?drugs are dangerous?, with a bittersweet naivety and light choir harmonies they manage to portray something dark without sounding solely depressive.

Fluctuating between darkness, cushy atmospherics and hearty guitar whirlwinds creates a light-weighted rummage of a record. And I?m almost sensing that the dark lyrical content is a description of the chaotic sides of today?s society, and a subtle warning to neurotic youngsters growing up in a blurry diffusion.

[rating 3.5]

By Cecilie Olsen