The Pipettes – Earth vs. The Pipettes (Fortuna Pop!) 28/06/2010

June 29, 2010 by  

Just to clear this up, this is The Pipettes second album, their first with this all-new line-up. No, none of the original members are left.

The formula is pretty straight forward here, the ’60s bubblegum pop and girl-group harmonies of the first album have been replaced with ’80s synth-pop, a la Bananarama with a bit of disco thrown in. There?s no let up either, from the starting klaxon on opening track ?Call Me? through to the last guitar jangle on ?From Today? the pace is frantic, the choruses are catchy and the songs all sound a little bit too familiar.

Needless to say, there isn?t an ounce of originality about this record, and it seems to have come a bit too late for the ’80s synth revival which dominated 2009. Maybe if this had been released last summer it would have been a success, now it just seems a lazy attempt at an album, which is really just a handful of average songs, with the hope that one or two will make hit singles. ?Ain?t No Talkin? seems an obvious choice for a single, with it?s Ting-Tings esque guitar riff, but it?s been overlooked for the unimaginative ?Stop The Music? and ?Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen?, while ?Call Me? understandably gets a release.

This is such a throwaway record it?s hard to see where they go from here. Yes there are a few songs that are more memorable than the rest, but that is inevitable. Overall this is a poor attempt that lacks care and seems rushed, which is odd considering they have taken their time making it.