The Phantom Band – The Wants (Chemikal Underground)

November 2, 2010 by  

?The Wants? is the second studio album to be released by self-proclaimed proto-robofolk sextet: The Phantom Band.

I heard the term ?proto-robofolk? before I heard the music, but within the first minute of first song, ?A Glamour?, it all made perfect sense.

The strength and tenacity of the first minute juxtaposed with eerily calming effects creates an intro which sets the bar pretty high. This bar isn?t exactly raised throughout the course of the album, but it certainly isn?t dropped.

A favourite of mine ?Into The Corn? manages to capture all of the features that sum up the album, achieving a mixture of simplicity, complexity, precision and bleakness. The haunting lyrics ?Into the corn I fled / Everyone I knew there was dead? catch my attention every time I play this album and I think that?s why I enjoy ?The Wants? so much; it doesn?t let you drift off. The calming elements of the album are guaranteed to be punctured with striking tones, tempos and lyrics.

?The Wants? hosts a continual contrast of mystical tones and ever-changing beats which makes for a genuinely interesting listen.