The Gay Blades – Ghosts (Something In Construction) 08/06/2009

June 15, 2009 by  

The Gay Blades2

Yes the name is silly and the album title does suggest an angst ridden Emo album, full of shite songs to cut your arms to, but get past the ridiculously bad names and in fact what you have on your hands is a decent band and album. I use decent in the loosest sense. Stateside they duo of Clark Westfield (The Aristocrat of Crime) and Puppy Mills (The Snitch) have built up a reputation as being a band fully moulded in the true cock-rock, glam metal tradition. As arched and Electric Six as this all sounds, it?s this overt style of song writing that allows them to get away with classic song titles such as ?Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up? and ?We Wear Mittens? .

However, as the laws of cock rock state, underneath the stupid song titles and ridiculous monikers there must be some serious riffage, otherwise the band will just fall into the delusional twats category. Thankfully the Gay Blades have this in abundance. Opener ?O shot? sets the tone with it?s snarling riff, big Led Zep rocker beat and opening ?uh?. The song is an unrelenting scuzzy garage rock tune, complete with big open choruses to shout along too at the top of your voice. Each song opens up in a haze of distortion and seems to battle for the accolade of loudest song on the album. Ok, this all might sound like heady stuff, but in reality there is nothing new on display here.

As mentioned before the album?s clear aim is to fill the pop chart?s cock rock void. This goal can?t help but leave the discerning listener a little confused, and you can?t help but wonder are this band taking themselves seriously or not? The triteness of ?Dog Day Afternoon? Is hilarious, but you get the feeling that someone out there might take it seriously and spend many hours crying over lost lovers with this as the soundtrack to their misery – oh dear.

A little repetitive in places, their formulaic approach can become grinding and substance appears to be very sparse. Like with My Chemical Romance, just without the Emo stuff, The Gay Blades have served up a musically adept album which most people wont be able to work out whether or not to take seriously.


By Chris Cummins