The Drums ? Summertime! (Moshi Moshi Recodrs) 12/10/2009

October 14, 2009 by  


The nights are drawing in, the weather is shit, your local Sainsbury’s is stocking advent calendars , the charts are gearing up for the onslaught of the next ageing rocker’s greatest hits collection and the inaugural countdown to the next X Factor finalist Christmas number one has started – yep, winter is here.

New music by now has done, or should of done, its job and wetted the appetite of music fans eager to spend their Christmas money on next year’s next big things and given the scene its annual injection of life. But wait, before we lay 2009’s musical landscape to rest, there is just one more band that could make a lasting dent on the scene.

Making a late burst out of the starting blocks are The Drums. Their d?but EP Summertime, is as misplaced in the October charts as an Eskimo in Tanzania, but strangely is quite possibly the best summer record that never made it to the summer. Mixing Factory Record’s industrial beats and guitars with barber-shop quartet and Beach Boy harmonies, their peculiar take on pop-music is an invigorating burst of sonic sunshine, which is perfect for breaking of the shackles of the dark winter months.

‘Saddest Summer’ and ‘Lets go Surfing’ reveal the band’s musical aesthetic perfectly, late ’80s bass lines, courtesy of New Order and The Cure, are paired with Beach Boy-esque vocal harmonies and a lyrical naivety that recalls Vampire Weekend ‘s first efforts and firmly surpasses it with its narrative boy girl complexities.

If we do get that much promised Indian summer, and a chance to use the last gas in the BBQ tank, The Drums will provide the perfect backdrop. If not, you’ll just have to wait to until next summer to enjoy this EP when they will surley be propping up the line-up of many a festival, but it will be worth the wait.


By Chris Cummins