S.C.U.M. ? Again Into Eyes (Mute)

October 16, 2011 by  

S.C.U.M. are currently surfing the hype wave of the music world and are definitely a band in demand, with numerous press interviews, mentions on uber-cool blogs and a slot on the legendary NME radar tour, times are looking incredibly bright for the Shoreditch five-piece. But is the hype justified? Well actually yes it is, this debut album has all the ingredients to be a modern classic with its whiffs of melodrama, walls of noise and its sheer musical intensity, its easy to see why S.C.U.M. are turning so many heads.

The album progresses with each song from being discretely understated to powerfully poignant, which means labeling this album as simply ?Goth-rock? seems like it would be doing the band a disservice. But Despite their firm protests about not being (or wanted to be associated) with The Horrors, a lot of the songs do infact sound mildly The Horrors-esque, which is no bad thing at all.

Standout songs include; ?Cast Into Season? which contains the type of rhythmic tribal drumming that fellow drama lovers the Wild Beasts are famed for, which is then consumed by glorious swathes of shimmering synthesiser and a deep progressive bass that could easily be mistaken for a horn section from a brass band. ?Amber Hands? begins with a dominating, fiercely overdriven guitar before the slightly monotone, brooding vocals of lead singer Thomas Cohen adds a calming influence to proceedings with lyrics such as ?Forgiven everything, where she lies, until the time, when sadness moves you,? towards the greatest sea? which proves it is actually possible to have both substance and style, and S.C.U.M. seem to have both in abundance.

Overall, this album is bordering on sheer brilliance, but there is a definite feel that there is still so much potential for the band to be even greater for album two, which is a very exciting prospect indeed.