Of Montreal ? False Priest (Polyvinyl) 13/09/2010

September 20, 2010 by  

Question: what one word should be used to describe Of Montreal?s new album ?False Priest?? Answer: Genius! Quirky yet brilliant, this is a masterpiece of thirteen unique, individual songs that you will listen to time and time again.

What is most interesting about this album is how it combines so many genres together. The band themselves are categorised as Indie pop/rock but ?False priest? mixes it up by adding in strong elements of R&B and funk. With guest vocalists Janelle Mon?e and Solange Knowles giving a helping hand, this album is perfect for everyone, whatever your taste in music.

Although every track is as remarkable as the one before it, the biggest highlights of this record are definitely the second single ?Hydra Fancies?, album opener ?I Feel Ya Strutter? and the softly played ?Casualty of You?.

?I Feel Ya Strutter? proves just how talented front man Kevin Barnes is, as he moves effortlessly from a high pitch to a low one and keeps it going throughout the whole of this upbeat, dancey track. The lyrics, describing the happiness one woman has brought, complement the melody wonderfully and again shows that Barnes is in the right business.

Taking down the tempo a few notches, ?Hydra Fancies? is the ideal song to slow dance to with your partner. With a lovely, summery sound to it, this is the best song to lift up your spirits and get you into a happy mood.

?Casualty of You? is the most beautiful track on this record. Taking a step away from the dancey sound that the rest of the album has adopted, this song allows the keyboards to take over and relax you after all of your moving and shaking!

With songs such as ?Sex Karma?, this is not one for kids but this doesn?t stop it from being a brilliant album!