North Atlantic Oscillation ? Call signs EP (Kscope) 23/11/20089

November 26, 2009 by  

North Atlantic Oscillation ? Call signs

If you google this band’s name you’re in for a very big surprise. Instead of the usual Myspace link there’s a grand Wikipedia entry that will fill you in on some apparent ??climatic?phenomenon in the North?Atlantic Ocean”. Not quite the band entry you was looking for yet this defienition does not sound disimliar to the words you would use to describe North Atlantic Oscillation debut EP Call Signs.

Not quite a full EP and a bit too good to be a single , Call Signs only houses two original songs, yet these songs are more original than you’ll find on most new albums. The three piece are adept at producing waves of otherworldly electronica and marry them perfectly with subtle psychedelic vocals. Call Sings and Ceiling poem have an abundance of swirling synths, heavy beats and visceral guitas leaving them caught somewhere between the Trip-Hop pyshcadelica of The Beta Band and the space adventures of Fuck Buttons piloted by Wayne Coyne.

North Atlantic Oscillation seem set on creating the musical equivilant of their name in all it’s otherwordly splendour.


By Chris Cummins