Little Comets – In Search Of Elusive Little Comets (Dirty Hit)

January 23, 2011 by  

By 2009, after a late noughties surge, we were awash with a number of ?kitchen sink? indie outfits. A number of Paul Simon by numbers bands vying for your attention in a spell that produced the likes of Vampire Weekend, and their self titled afro pop debut, and the more angular sounds from The Wombats or the infinitely better mathematical music from Foals.

In amongst the melee were Little Comets, inevitably signed to Columbia, but just as quickly dropped, as (in their own words) they ?didn?t sound enough like Kei$ha?. Somewhat of a blessing, as their much delayed debut ?In Search Of Elusive Little Comets? finally comes to fruition.

It?s in light of this knowledge we can forgive them for sounding a bit (a lot in some cases) like what has since been done since that late noughties surge. First track ?Adultery?, first released in 2009, could have been part of Yeasayer?s Odd Blood L.P, but alone remains a delightful single, and one of many from ?In Search Of??

The songs? tight guitar jangling and larger then expected sound pushes the boundaries more than other lesser sounding indie pop of the same genre. Adding this to the more adult theme makes for a hit, as is the theme of the album.

The disco party of their first ever single ?One Night In October?, echoes Orange Juice as much as the more contemporary Los Campesinos!, and although a leaner number still manages to pack that high energy punch, much like more recent single ?Joanna?, and its quite Futureheads chorus (repetitive, yet gratefully).

?Dancing Song? is exactly what you would expect, and in case you needed any more reminding the band confirm to you that ?this one?s for dancing?, and it certainly is.

You see, Little Comets seem to shine brightest when they chuck in that ?kitchen sink?, and party, and no clearer is this displayed when comparing the staccato jerk of the intriguing ?Tricolour? with the dour, overlong piano ballad that closes the album, ?Intelligent Animals? (although you can?t fault their choice of subject matter, the troubles in Darfur). No-brainers in this case are a clear, well, a clear no-brainer!

Whether or not Little Comets will get lucky and be this years Two Door Cinema Club, in a genre more crowded circa 2011 will be up to the buying…sorry downloading public, however on evidence on this album they at least deserve that luck.