Kitsun? Maison Compilation 11: The Indie-Dance Issue

May 16, 2011 by  

A wise old man once said ?compilation albums are only for housewives or young children?. Let?s just hope he is not right about this one.

?Indie Dance? may be a term that will have you cursing under your non-scenester breath, but take a moment to compose yourself and look past the swathes of bland French electropop, and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Noticeable tracks that rear their heads from this strictly indie crowd are; ?Silver Screen? by Beat Connection, who are a band name after an LCD Soundsystem song. It seems they have harnessed some of the electro prowess from James Murphy and Co., producing a whole array of synthesized sounds from bird-like tooting to hazy and heartwarming, which culminates to produce a bright and breezy song that may well be the soundtrack to your afternoon summer naps, as lead singer Tom Eddy admits ?It was all a dream?.

A grunting bassline paired with some delightful rippling guitars is the name of the game on ?Big Things? by Fiction, who I expect may become many peoples favorite new band over the forthcoming months. A definite fact and not fiction.

These two bands will benefit hugely from the exposure from having their songs on Kitsune?s esteemed compilation series. However, it’s a shame the rest of the dreary, predictably bland songs do not live up to the normal high standards set by the French record label.

So is it time to don some ill fitting skinny jeans, a tightly buttoned up shirt and grow an unreasonably long fringe and call yourself an incredibly uncommon ?indie? name like ralph, in tribute to this album? Well no, maybe not this time.
I guess that wise old man was right.