Katy B ? On A Mission (Rinse) 04/04/2011

April 14, 2011 by  

When Katy B released her debut single ?Katy On A Mission? she was tagged as the artist to bring dubstep to a mainstream audience. (She may be Brit School alumni but that is neither here nor there when you consider the range of artists that place is responsible for, so it?s not as significant as some will have you believe.) Further hit singles ?Lights On? which features experienced head Ms. Dynamite and more recently ?Broken Record? have proven Katy B is more than just a vocalist helping deliver underground beats to the masses.

Whilst there are beats here by Geeneus, Zinc and Magnetic Man, contributing to the varied feel of the album spanning UK dance music from UK Garage to Acid Jazz, there is a consistency owing to Katy B?s lyrical style and conversational delivery. She sings about going to clubs and meeting guys, but brings a freshness to it which represents the current London scene perfectly, never trying too hard to sound like a star, it is her accessibility and charm that makes her one. ?Power On Me? is a nod to the last real crossover explosion in UK dance music, UK Garage, having a lot of parallels with what Katy B is doing, whilst there are also 2-step tracks, ?Why You Always Here?, and house courtesy of Zinc, ?Witches Brew? and ?Movement?. The only slight surprise is the acid-jazz tinged closer ?Hard To Get?, but it works well.

The combination of fresh underground beats with an R&B vocal was a winning formula a decade ago for Artful Dodger and Craig David, and there are comparisons to be made here. Other artists strive to be cool and represent the youth of today, Katy B actually does, and this is a great pop debut.