Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You (Fiction) 19/04/2010

April 27, 2010 by  

Starting with a nod to the all too famous Scouting For Girls formula (repeat chorus, whine to fade) in ?Paris?, it?s not long before you realise that this is awful. This is truly awful. Then, hearing ?You?ll never listen to me? again and again over a consciously overwhelming trade mark school kids piano arrangement with the under compensating hand claps is purely nauseating to the nth degree – and after this review, she?s right, I won?t listen to her.

My Best Friend Is You, Kate Nash?s second album, does nothing to redeem her ?kooky-britschool-brat-with-nothing-much-interesting-to-say? image, first discovered in her (at the very least na?ve) debut, ?Made Of Bricks?.

There are at least a few tracks that show an (albeit haphazard) attempt to develop into a more respectable, mature, singer songwriter, such as the Pipettes lifting girl group flavours of ?Kiss That Grrrl? or the Regina Spektor copying intro to single ?Do-Wah-Do? (Hear Regina?s ?That Time? and hear something infinitely better), but it all seems a bit well? why bother, when we?ve heard it all before. ?Pickpocket? is literally pick pocketing Spektor once again, and if it wasn?t so unmistakably bad could have got her done for plagiarism.

Nash has produced a dire mix of her old style (mockney piano led tunes) with ridiculous angst karaoke versions clear influences – the likes of Le Tigre, Cat Power, Regina, Bat For Lashes, even Lilly Allen (I know right!) – wouldn?t touch with a barge pole. Although Nash has a good ear it?s not translated to a good record. ?I?ve got A Secret? is more Dumb then Dum-Dum girls, and ?Mansion Song? begins as an attempt at poetic verse, but sounds like an uninspired tantrum (she even swears – oooh, angry!) before ending as this albums drum-led piss poor bore.

There is one tender moment in ?You Were So Far Away?, which even her harshest critic (there are harsher than me) can?t deny is actually quite a sweetly crafted ballad with a wonderfully sweet, but almost sinister vocal – more of the same please! Sadly it?s soon over and we?re back again to the same old record company/radio friendly pop tosh, personified by album closer ?I Hate Seagulls?, and some of the worst lyrics since Scouting For Girls.. No, since her last album. Take your pick from ?I hate burning my finger on the toaster and I hate nits? to ?I like cream teas, and I like read ding, ghost, stor-ries?. I like a lot of things, but not this.