Jet ? Shaka Rock (Real Horrorshow Records) 07/09/2009

September 8, 2009 by  


Most people thought Jet limped back to Australia with their guitars and shoddy Iggy Pop covers for good in 2006. Such was the magnitude of the flop that was their second album Shine On it seemed inconceivable that they would ever bother returning. Yet, all that money earned from a certain Vodaphone advert with David Beckham and the millions of copies that their debut sold, has afforded the quartet their own record label and another stab at breaking into the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame.

Third album Shaka Rock, is supposed to bridge the gap between the previous two records, and although it does sound more polished than their debut much of the excitement that surrounded the band in 2002 has all but disappeared. So where does this leave Jet? Well consider the band’s lack progress or development of their distinctly derivative sound I doubt they’ll be winning over any new fans with album number three.

To be fair, Shaka Rock does not have such obvious bylines to ’60s and ’70s rock as their debut album did, but they still seem content on raiding through their record collections in search of inspiration, especially ones by AC DC. Previous single She’s A Genius, is perhaps the most blatant act of plagiarism – the tracks main riff is incredibly reminiscent of The Knack’s My Sherona and leaves you wondering how on earth they can get away with not being sued.

‘Start the Show’ is brief glimmer of forward thinking from the Jet lads, a kind of revamped AC DC for the post millennium kids. Yet the rest of the album remains an amalgam of old rock bands that those under the age of 21 are yet to here. With a complete lack of original ideas Jet’s days are surely numbered.