I Am Arrows ? Sun Comes Up Again (Mecury) 16/08/2010

August 29, 2010 by  

It perhaps will not be a great surprise to learn that former Razorlight member Andy Burrows has decided to get a new view of the stage by taking up main vocal/guitar duties and putting together his own ensemble. In the last couple of years the former skins man has released his own solo material and is also credited with co-writing Razorlight?s number one ?America? along with singer Johnny Borrell.

Sun Comes Up Again is the first album from I Am Arrows, a family affair comprising two sets of brothers including Burrows’ own sibling Ben on bass.

Launching into their debut with the buoyant ?Nun? it is a shame that the rest of the album doesn?t follow on from the intriguing start. Sonically the track is doused in hooky vocals, hand claps and twangy bass and enough so that you?re convinced that the next 40 minutes or so of your listening experience will not result in Razorlight references, well at least not musically anyway.

On this topic, soon into the album, following comments made by Burrows in the media, it is not particularly hard to find yourself joining in in a cheeky game of ?spot the song about Johnny B?.

Lyric ?am I far enough away for you?? on the appropriately titled ?Far Enough Away? would surely score quite well should a points based awards system be on offer.

Returning to the task in hand and halfway through the album, track ?Monsters Dash? pops up and is a cute incidental effort completed by a gorgeous piano melody. This cleverly morphs into ?No Wonder?, a fizzy little piece of work complete with heart warming xylophone strikes, ending in a wall of triumph.

‘Hurricane’ with its lyric ?oh I miss your love again?? is a dead certainty for a background appearance in a ?girl meets boy? type film during the next year or two. Despite such ?praise? the track perhaps because of this comes across as juvenile and ,whilst musically competent, feels unnecessarily bland.

Unfortunately it is only the recent single Green Grass making I Am Arrows feel relatively progressive helped partly by the Mystery Jets type twinges and by the end of Sun Comes Up Again it is evident that I Am Arrows are disappointingly tepid.

The main issue being that Burrows, whilst clearly an accomplished and capable musician who yes can sing, doesn?t really stand out enough vocally to be an entity in his own right.

The songs at a push are okay but only just so and the ?happy clappy? nature of I Am Arrows slightly tarnishes the band?s clear efforts.

Alas there are some positive moments on ?Sun Comes Up Again? but come Christmas it is unlikely that this one will be cropping up in the Sunday supplements as a musical highlight of 2010.