Hot Gossip – You Look Faster When You Are Young (Ghost Records) 27/07/2009

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Hot Gossip makes the sort of jerky-indie-punk that has ravaged the indie charts over the last few years. Normally the preserve of Camdenites and northern oiks, it feels a little strange listening to a jerky indie album which was made in Milan. Unfortunately for them, the genre now finds itself commercially redundant as far as Megabucks Record Corp is concerned. With this in mind, you can?t help but feel Milan must be lagging behind in the musical stakes.

?You Look Faster When You are Young?, the trio?s second full length release is an album full of two minute energetic bursts of indie-punk, which would have even the soberest of punters at The Frog jumping all Friday night. Unfortunately, the Astoria no longer exists and neither does the demand for boys with guitars who sound like the Libertines. The similarity is not as direct as the likes of the excruciatingly bad Pigeon Detectives or the beyond generic Courteeners, but there is definitely an air of alluding to The Strokes, with just a little Bloc Party-style art-rock thrown in for good measure.

It?s hard to cherry-pick individual songs for dissection as they all seem to follow the same formula, chunky riff + frantic drumming + catchy chorus = song. With such little variation on offer the album melds into one frantic burst, but it?s this musical homogeny that gives the album it?s unrelenting pace and perhaps its most redeeming feature. As the crunching beats roll and the visceral guitars clatter the senses, you can?t help but wonder why pop-music gave in to the listless ramblings of Little Boots.

So where does this leave Hot Gossip? Well, unfortunately for them there?s nothing new on ?You Look Faster When Your Young?. Albeit a very accomplished effort from the Italian trio, you can?t help but feel the tide may have just gone out on them.


By Chris Cummins