Gang of Four – Content (Gronland) 24/01/2011

January 29, 2011 by  

Musical progression is a topic that often stirs up strong reactions. New albums are regularly met with sneering remarks about bands going mainstream or losing their touch, but surely progression is better than hearing the same thing over and over again. Besides, Dylan went electric, and things turned out okay, right?

So just don?t listen to Gang Of Four?s new album ?Content? expecting another ?Entertainment!? and you won?t be disappointed. Saying that, they definitely haven?t ?gone mainstream? either.

The first track, ?She Said?, took me by surprise, launching the album with a sound much heavier than expected. They?ve also taken it the other way too, throwing a few vocal harmonies into the mix on ?A Fruit Fly In The Beehive? which, to be honest, I could live without.

?Content? does ease back into more recognisable territory with tracks like ?Who Am I? and ?I Party All The Time? reminding us why we loved Gang Of Four the first time round ? punchy riffs, badass lyrics and attitude.

A comeback can be a tricky thing to master, but Gang Of Four have handled this one admirably maintaining their status as post-punk pioneers.