Fun. – Aim & Ingnite (Hassle) 07/06/2010

May 31, 2010 by  

Second only to using an exclamation mark in your band name/album/song as a vain attempt to make yourself more interesting, using an unrelated adjective as your band name is probably the most abhorrent start to your career. On their debut LP, fun. have avoided the Ronseal effect, and despite a contrived effort have delivered an album devoid of what they say on the tin.

A debut from a band clearly influenced by the cheesier side of Queen, taking the ?good fun honest pop? route, but finished with all the finesse of Mika. It?s clear that the bands? ambition is to impress a record company, get plays on the radio, and see you never again – ala Maroon 5, Daniel Powter and The Hoosiers (remember them lot?).

Now as far as ambitions go, this isn?t always a bad thing, it?s just when the emphasis is on consciously creating music for no other clear purpose than monetary, and in the process releasing a brain numbingly dull collection of songs on the world is just heinous.

For those who remember, ?Light A Roman Candle With Me? is their Daniel ?Had A Bad Day? Powter moment – all ?heartfelt? strings and plinky plonky keys, it?s a many times heard before pop song on a many times heard before record.

They almost come out with a cracker in single ?Walking The Dog?, with an opening that has a nod to Vampire Weekend, but drifts into the school kid chant of ?na, na, na na na naa na?, and reminds you this ain?t no ?Oxford Comma?.

?At Least I?m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)? shows the band at their most Mika-esque, and like Mika the track takes all the different elements of what a good song can be, blends them together, swallows them up, and then projectile vomits them into your eardrums. It?s a punchy pop nightmare.

Most tracks are full with an almost orchestral amount of instrumentation, so much so that none get a chance to be heard over another, and become so irrelevant that you?re left with weak vocals that just aren’t good enough to hold this mess up.

I?m all for pop music, music that doesn?t take itself so seriously – which at least fun. can so painfully obviously promote – the problem lies when the music is so unintelligently dull it paints a lugubriously drab sound.

If ?Aim & Ignite? wasn?t such mercenary tosh, and fun. concentrated on creating real music rather than adhering to a dated record company tick box, then things could have been so different. But it is. And for that reason you should avoid this like the next Scouting For Girls album/plague.