Four Tet – ‘There Is Love In You’ (Domino) 25/01/2010

March 1, 2010 by  

In the five years since his last solo effort under the Four Tet name, Kieran Hebden has collaborated with jazz drummer Steve Reid and released a couple of DJ-mix albums with school-mate Burial . He also has a residency at Plastic People in London, so it is understandable that he took a while to get round to this album.

You may expect ?There Is Love In You? to draw heavily from his side projects, instead this is a focused record that uses subtle sounds and samples to display Hebden?s growth as an artist. He has chosen to channel these other musical styles and ideas into his music in an assured, confident way without confusing the listener, and the results are mesmerizing. The focus on melody is still present, but one apparent difference between this and previous albums under the Four Tet moniker is that this is almost a dance record?but not quite.

The opener ?Angel Echoes?, uses a simple 4/4 beat and a female vocal sample to good effect. Add to that some bells and you have a warm, hypnotic track, which serves as a nice introduction to the album. Immediately following the opener is the 9-minute single ?Love Cry?, a driving, repetitive dance track which builds and builds, something Hebden had experimented with on his last EP, ?Ringer?. ?Sing?, the next single, which features a stuttering rhythm, is the most upbeat track on the album and like ?Love Cry?, would not sound out of place in a techno club, whilst ?Plastic People? is a nod to his DJ residency at the London club of the same name, and also to his recent collaborations with Burial.

Whilst this is in no way a dense, complicated album, there are enough intricacies and deft touches to suggest that maybe a couple of listens are required to appreciate it fully, but once you do you will be aware that this is a very good record, and one of his best.