Fenech-Soler ? Fenech-Soler (B-Unique) 27/09/2010

October 3, 2010 by  

The late 2000s have seen a huge return of the Electropop genre and, if you are one of many who have embraced this, then Fenech-Soler?s debut album is right up your street. With a CD containing ten tracks of pure brilliance, this is one of the top Electropop albums of this decade.

?Lies?, the most recently released single, is written and sung with such intense passion about how it feels to be betrayed by the one you love. Although you would expect this kind of topic to be sung as a ballad, Fenech-Soler instead go for a catchy, up-beat melody, showing off Electropop at its best.

The most memorable track of this self-titled debut is ?Demons?. Like a wave, it starts off calm, then builds up to a faster pace before again quieting down ready to build up once more.

?Battlefields? is another track that needs a special mention, as it is an excellent way to kick start this CD. Some people may find the high pitched singing used in parts of the song annoying, but otherwise this is the tune that will get any party started.

Fenech-Soler take the album in a different direction for ?Stone Bridge?, a track full of delights and unexpected surprises. The first half of the song is a sensitive, beautifully played number that takes an unusual turn for the second half but which, luckily, pays off quite well. ?Stone Bridge? shows that they are no ordinary Electropop group and that they are not afraid to experiment with their music.

Of course, Fenech-Soler are not going to be to everyone?s taste, but they have certainly got a great future ahead of them if this album is anything to go by.