Engineers ? Three Fact Fader (kscope) 06/07/200

July 15, 2009 by  

three fact fader

There couldn?t be a more difficult time to be in a Shoegaze band then at the moment. With a record buying public seemingly obsessed with electro-pop divas, it doesn?t look good for those fanatical about musical sound-scapes. Yet, like all good genres, it has remained bubbling underneath the surface only to reappear ever so often to remind us why it?s so great. Northern gazers Engineers have had a more difficult time than most. Four years ago they had nearly finished their second album, only to find that their record label was to stop releasing records and become a PR agency. This imposed hiatus left the band unable to release any records, and it wasn?t until public demand grew so strong, that Kscope felt obliged to step in.

It?s a good job they did. Three Fact fader is an incredibly dense and sensual record bursting at the seams with layer upon layer of musical textures. Throughout the album ambles along in its dream pop world continually inducing the listener in. ?Clean Coloured Wire? splashes the senses with an array of colour and abstract sounds, ?Sometimes I Realise? soars majestically and ?Son for Andy? has an eerie industrial tranquiliser feel, that sooths you away to another world.

The more direct moments of ?Emergency Room? and ‘Crawl From The Wreckage?, begin unobtrusively enough before unfolding into battering waves of sound that drag you up then throw you back down into the calm of the soothing melodies. The album ends on ?What Pushed us Together?, an incredibly celestial track, which again assaults the ears with yet more hypnotic beeps and dense layers, leaving a long lasting impression and yearning for more.


By Chris Cummins