Elliott Smith – An Introduction to… (Domino) 01/11/2010

November 8, 2010 by  

If I were a cynic, I might start out by mentioning that marketing an album as an ?introduction to? rather than a ?greatest hits? could be seen as a sneaky bit of PR aimed at tricking the greatest hits haters. But I?m not, so I won?t.

Anyway, it?s just a title – it?s what graces your ear drums that counts. I think it was Shakespeare that said ?What’s in a name? That which we call a crackin? album, by any other name would sound as sweet.? Or something like that.

And good old Shakey was right. An Introduction To? is painfully beautiful from start to finish, much like everything I?ve ever heard by Elliott Smith.

Smith was an incredible artist who didn?t sugar coat his work, making it poignant and graceful. The honesty in his words is heartbreaking, endearing and refreshing.

I’ve stopped myself going through the album picking out lyrics to highlight this point because I?m not sure I would be able to stop. You?ll just have to give it a listen if you don?t already know what I?m talking about.

This compilation takes tracks from across Smith?s back catalogue providing a perfect springboard for any soon-to-be enthusiast. Its presence will no doubt get die-hard fans digging out their favourite Elliott Smith album and will definitely entice a new generation of fanatics.