Dutch Uncles ? Cadenza (Memphis Industries)

April 10, 2011 by  

Definition of the word Cadenza: improvised. Which seems rather ironic as there seems nothing improvised on this highly polished offering from the Manchester darlings. Slick bass lines, darting guitars and some romping drums are the name of the game here.

Dutch Uncles are clearly not afraid to show off their musical prowess on this album, which is to be applauded. Two prime examples of this are; when they whip out some rather delightful tinkling marimbas (yes, you heard rightly marimbas!) to create a song that sounds more suited to a nursery rhyme compilation CD, rather than a hip, new indie album. They also let their voices take over in another song which creates a rather enthralling almost acapella, with only some undercurrents of echoing guitars and rumbling bass to back-up the luscious interlocking tones of the band.

Standout out songs include; ?The Ink? where some rollicking guitar work and some nifty keyboard playing creates a song that will make your head spin (in a good way of course) but lead singer Duncan Wallis? soothing tones will easily remedy this indisposition. ?Fragrant?, where a deliciously dainty bass line dominates proceedings before a flurry of instruments chime in at chorus time, which creates a unmistakably catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in many listeners heads over the forthcoming months. On the title track ?Cadenza? Duncan boldly admits ?Well I made you proud? well actually Duncan, you have, this little album is a complete indie belter. High praise indeed.

Also, if you ever get the opportunity to see Dutch Uncles live, then I would advise you to grasp it with both hands, if not just to see lead singer Duncan?s snake hips. It?s a truly wondrous sight you won?t forget in a hurry.