Dinosaur Pile-Up – Growing Pains (Friends vs Records) 04/10/2010

November 1, 2010 by  

New boys on the alternative-rock-block Dinosaur Pile-Up release their first record ?Growing Pains?, which has moments of sheer brilliance ? and moments where they just plain annoy you.

?All Around the World? is where the main annoyance can be found. The first two minutes and twenty-five seconds are everything a good rock song should be ? loud, fast and full of passion ? but after a while all of the early groundwork is ruined by a constant buzzing, which I believed at first was happening because my laptop had broke! But unfortunately, this noise is part of the song and perhaps putting it as the album closer was a wise move.

It can also be said that ?Growing Pains? lacks a bit variety for those who favour slower, acoustic songs or even just something more than power-chord driven rock. On the album there is only one track that leaves the relentless guitar chugging behind and opts for a softer direction ? ?Hey You?. It is a shame because ?Hey You? is very beautiful, and shows the guys do have musical talent. More importantly it shows they are not afraid to deviate from their archetypal sound, yet for some reason they choose not to.

But time to move on to the positives.

?Birds and Planes? is a great track to get you pumped up before a night out, and the band impressively sustain the level of energy found on this song throughout the whole album.

?Never That Together? is a fun, uplifting track; the ideal song to put a big smile on your face. Clocking in at just one minute fifty seconds, it takes an unpredicted twist in the music by becoming a much harder rock song, before the band revert to type, which actually works very well.

?Maybe it?s You? is another fun track and front-man Matt Bigland?s talent comes to the fore, when his vocals and guitar playing finally moves away from the average Weezer fans’ range.

Dinosaur Pile-Up have huge potential and they are definitely ones to look out for in the future, but ‘Growing Pains’ is just a little too repetitive to make it more than just another alt-rock album.