Darwin Deez ? Songs for Imaginative People (Lucky Number)

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Darwin Deez ? Songs for Imaginative People

In the three years since the release of his debut album, Darwin Smith has been a very busy man. First of all, he made an infamous rap tape called ?Wonky Beats?, which sampled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and featured the likes of Dev Hynes and Kool AD. Then he relocated back to his native North Carolina, and that move certainly seems to have put the fire back in his belly.

As the title suggests, ?Songs for Imaginative People? takes a more thoughtful and considered direction to its predecessor, as Darwin ponders the very meaning of life. ?Are you sick of not existing?? comes the impassioned war-like cry in opening track ?800 Human?, and that sets the tone of the album, a spectacular concoction of pent-up anger and tasty guitar licks.

The introduction of ?No Love? bears an uncanny resemblance to One Direction?s ?That?s What Makes You Beautiful?. But fear not, you?ll find no nauseating boy band pop guff here, just a tear-inducing twitchy ballad about Darwin?s inability to forget about an old lover.

Songs for Imaginative People may of lost it?s DIY bedroom produced feel that his debut album oozed of, or may not contain witty versus such as; ?I?m a wizard of the place? waverley! I?m a five grain muffin? savoury! I keep the mic on lockdown? slavery!? as Wonky Beats did, but the fact is that it doesn?t need any of those elements. It easily stands up on its own two feet, and it represents a big step forward in Darwin?s career. He has recently described this album as ?the best music I?ve ever written? and you know what Darwin, it isn?t half bad.