Biffy Clyro ‘Only Revolutions’ (14th Floor) 09/11/09

November 18, 2009 by  

Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions

Ahh Biffy…the band who for most of the last decade were discredited as that weird rock band you didn’t want to admit to liking in front of your friends, have all of a sudden (well since the release of Puzzle) become the second biggest rock band to come out of Britain in the last decade. So who is the first I hear you ask. Well, clearly Muse and their operatic approach to the genre have cemented themselves as the nation’s favourite stadium fillers, yet with their success they seemed to of left behind what made them such an exciting prospect in the first place. Now content with making Queen style rock monsters, they have left a gaping hole in the music scene.

So step forward Biffy Clyro with their fifth and most accomplished effort ?Only Revolutions?. The record is the perfect transitional album for an alternative band on the cusp of great things. Bolstered by the extra money a major label can afford previous singles ?That Golden Rule’ and ‘Mountains’ are behemoths in their own right. Mixing unforgiving rock riffs with Simon Neil?s impassioned vocal delivery, they are instantly arresting and have the expansiveness needed to fill those stadiums and more importantly manage to cling on to their integrity.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for ?The Captain?, a dire attempt at something altogether more grandiose and complex. It?s as if Biffy are foregoing there own standards in search of chart glory. Thankfully, this is a mere blip. ‘Gods & Satan’ finds Biffy at their self evaluating best, akin to previous song ?Machines? it reminds you of the dark subject matter that captured the imagination of their original fans, who found so much solace in Simon Neil?s pouring of his soul onto vinyl.

?Only Revolutions? is the perfect progression from ?Puzzle? and will no doubt have Biffy on the fast track to world domination.

By Chris Cummins