Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils (Captured Tracks) 01/06/2010

May 27, 2010 by  

Yes, another Brooklyn band. Beach Fossils’ debut album is filled with wonderfully made folky pop songs. Released on the fantastic record label Captured Tracks, home of artists like Dum Dum Girls, Wild Nothing and The Bitters, this d?but is a nice soundtrack to the forthcoming summer holiday.

The man behind Beach Fossils, Dustin Payseur sings “it’s not worth getting all bent out of shape about” in the beginning of the second track of the album, ‘Youth’. He’s right, when you’re listening to this album, it’s hard to give a damn about anything really. Beach Fossils soft sound and Payseur’s reverbed singing has a real calming effect, and with childishly blissful song titles like ‘Youth’, ‘Vacation’ and ‘Lazy Day’, you can kind of guess where this album is going.

There’s an easily recognizable recipe for Beach Fossils’ songs. The drums are as basic as possible and the vocals are slightly filtered on each song. The guitar section is where Beach Fossils get creative and really shine; the album is topped up with one catchy guitar hook after the other, my favourites being ‘Golden Age’ and ‘Daydream’. The latter is carried over from Beach Fossils first release on 7” last year. It is also one of the definite highlights of the album. It’s an effortlessly catchy song, with a sound similar to another 2010 newcomer The Drums.

What Beach Fossils lack in structural versatility they make up for in making songs for almost every mood. When you don’t feel like listening to the feel good pop sounds of ‘Vacation’, ‘Youth’ or ‘Daydream’, you can put on ‘Window View’, ‘Wide Awake’ or maybe even the short hazy ‘Gathering’. These songs accompanied by Payseur’s sometimes moody songwriting add a bit more depth to an otherwise pretty easygoing album.

Your life probably won’t change dramatically after you’ve heard this album, but it’ll probably brighten up your day. Beach Fossils have made a stellar d?but album, their only fault being that they’ve relied a bit too much on their recipe for making songs, resulting in an album with few really stand out songs.