A Christmas Gift For You From Moshi Moshi – Various

January 5, 2011 by  

Ahhh Christmas, time of festive cheer and goodwill to all men. Also about this time, when artists do shameless covers of already good songs and who can forget the best of cash-ins.

Thank goodness, through all the marketing ploys there is something here on offer worth a punt from one of the hottest independent labels, Moshi Moshi, which represents a refreshing alternative to the norm.

Despite the album being in effect a Christmas covers album, if you explore above the surface you are sure to find little snippets of joy. The album features a clutch of the finest new acts on the Moshi Moshi imprint and represents a good introduction to one of the hippest labels around.

Each track brings something fresh to the original. on the album you’ll find the criminally underrated ‘Christmas Wrapping’ getting the lush vocals of Summer Camp?s Elisabeth Sankey, James Yuill producing an acoustic folk led version of ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the fuzzy pop goodness of Sheffield?s Slow Club, which with its nostalgic feel is one of the key tracks on here, and let’s not forget Idiot Glee?s stunning atmospheric ?White Christmas?.

Ingo Star Cruiser brings the upbeat electronica of ?Just like Christmas? and to end the album, Liverpool?s indie pop act Hot Club De Paris contribute some quirkiness to the proceedings without upsetting the boat.

It turns out to be a great gamble all round as not only does this album standout as a record to soundtrack your Christmas festivities but you also get to hear from some new talent in the process.

Now, that really is my idea of a Merry Christmas!