The Strokes Triumph At Secret Show

June 10, 2010 by  

As you probably know by now The Strokes played a “secret” show last night in Camden under the moniker Venison – and we were there!

Taking to the stage at 9:30 the band started big with d?but album favourite ‘New York City Cops’ and continued to play an 18 track greatest hits set, omitting all new material.

Julian wore a studded leather Jacket and sunglasses throughout, and seemed to be in high spirits making antler signs when the crowd shouted “Venison Venison” and ended the night by telling the crowd ?Thank you so much guys. You guys are the fucking shit.?

The show included a four song encore starting with ‘Under Control’ and ending with yet another song of their d?but album, Is this It, ‘Take It Or Leave It’.

The only downside to the gig was toward the end of the show two bouncers invaded the front of the crowd and began to punch and hurl members of the crowd – so much so that a man stood next to us passed out after receiving a blow.

The Strokes have wrote today on their Twitter account “After a career playing only sold-out shows the band Venison are calling it a day. “They wanted to end on a high,” said a spokesperson today.”

So no more Venison.

The full set list was:

‘New York City Cops’
‘The Modern Age’
‘Hard To Explain’
‘What Ever Happened?’
‘You Only Live Once’
‘Vision Of Division’
‘I Can’t Win’
‘Is This It’
‘Red Light’
‘Last Nite’
‘Under Control’
‘Heart In A Cage’
‘Take It Or Leave It’