The Raveonettes Releasing ?Raven In The Grave?

March 1, 2011 by  

The Raveonettes have announced they are to release their 5th full length album ?Raven In The Grave’ on April 11th.

The band, who are now in their 10th year, has this to say about the album ?I think we have finally hit on something quite important and different for this album,? explains Sune. ?This is the first Raveonettes album we’ve done which doesn’t feature the signature Raveonettes surf drumbeat. None of the tunes have any real sunshine to them. It?s all very un-Rave.?

?It has a mood of ethereal defiance? Sharin adds. ?It?s dark but not bleak, like the single minded determination caused by crisis that is not quite hope but just as powerful. It?s the perfect winter soundtrack just in time for spring?.

The Raveonettes will support the release of the album with a UK show at London Islington Academy on June 13th and the lead single ?Recharge and Revolt? is released on April 4th