Stone Roses’ Mani Slams Modern Music

August 19, 2009 by  


Former Stone Roses bass player Mani has slammed today’s modern music scene, labelling it a ‘ a torrent of mediocrity’

The outburst came in the wake of the re-release of the Stone Roses’ classic self-titled debut album, following its 20th anniversary.

The full statement read:”A classic album that is still relevant to the kids of today deserves its recognition eventually. 20 years on and it is still fresh and stands out amidst a torrent of mediocrity, career orientated, dull as dishwater, safe, unimaginative music that dares to challenge for our crown. We were light years ahead of our time, and the Stone Roses album will always remain light years ahead of the new so called supergroups. Read ’em and weep guys, you all know who you are!!!! Back to school with you and try harder. Listen and learn from the masters.”