New LCD Soundsystem Album Revealed

September 2, 2009 by  


LCD Soundsytem’s James Murphy has revealed details of a new album.

During an interview with MOJO the electro god spoke of recording sessions for LCD Soundsystem’s forthcoming third album.

“We’ve been recording in a mansion. It sleeps 10 and there’s an amazing pool and it felt pretty amazing. We decided, let’s make Los Angeles an imaginary Los Angeles of the soul from 1973. Everyone had to wear white all the time, so it’s like some sort of creepy fucking cult and we’d go to parties, 10 people in a mini-van all in white, and we’d have enough of an impact on how Los Angels operated.”

Murphy went on to say the follow up to 2008’s ‘Sound Of Silver’ is currently only instrumental but will be a more adventurous record.

“I’m working on a song called ‘Why Do You Hate Music?’. Everyone seems to hate music right now, even people who make music. There’s a song called ‘Love In LA’, which has an Eddy Grant, Sly & Robbie feel. I’m doing what I set out to do on Sound of Silver, which is take more chances.”

The album is due to be released in Spring 2010.