Moby Announces Rough Trade East Show

August 17, 2009 by  


On September 6th, Moby will play a stripped back set at London?s Rough Trade East.

This unusual and rarely seen minimalist stage line-up will consist of Moby accompanied by a small string section and live vocalists Joy Malcolm and Kelli Scarr.

Also at Rough Trade East, Moby will be exhibiting drawings previously shown at The Maurice Einhardt Gallery. The works loosely relate to songs on Moby?s current album Wait for Me.

Moby?s own label, Little Idiot, will release Moby?s new single Mistake on 14th September. ?Mistake? is the second single release to be taken from the album Wait For Me.

Moby said of the song ?It?s the only song I?m singing on, on the record. It?s the most conventional song, in terms of song structure. It?s pretty clear I listened to New Order and Echo & The Bunnymen and David Bowie. My adolescent musical roots are definitely showing through. I just love melodic, emotional post-punk. I really loved that period in post-punk when bands like New Order and Joy Division were playing with synthesizers, so they?re making emotional records and a lot of the warmth, like the song ?Atmosphere? by Joy Division, comes from the synthesizers.?

Wrist bands will be available from Rough Trade and details to follow!