Magic Bullets Returning With New Album

February 3, 2011 by  

San Francisco?s Magic Bullets are set to return this year with their self titled second album, which will be preceded by lead single ?Lying Around?.

The album follows their debut, A Child But In Life, Yet A Doctor In Love, and since then the band have had a few line-up changes and signed to new label Mon Amie.

The track-list is below:

1. A Day Not So Far Off
2. They Wrote A Song About You
3. Pretend And Descend (focus track)
4. Lying Around (focus track)
5. Can You Believe That’s Us?
6. Red Room
7. On Top Of The World
8. A Name Sits Heaviest On My Heart
9. Millions Of People Running In Circles
10. I Can’t Make Myself Forget
11. Sigh The Day Away

Magic Bullets’ new album will be available in the UK and Europe on March 21, preceded by the 7? single ?Lying Around? which will be released on March 14.