Listen: WU LYF’s Evnse Appears on FAMY’s Debut Single ‘Dogg Dogg’

November 3, 2011 by  

Three London boys and an Italian who grew up together in the South of France doesn’t exactly sound like the sort of people you’d expect WU LYF to hang out with, but with FAMY the Manchester group has clearly found some close musical friends.

Having already taken them along on tour this year, WU LYF front-man Evans Kati has now lent his talent’s to their d?but track ‘Dogg Dogg’.

However, after listening to ‘Dogg Dogg’ it’s clear where the common ground lies between the two bands; toward the end an intricate lead line swoops over a hazy backdrop of guitars and organs, before the final climatic chorus is lit up by Evnse’ caustic backing vocal.

The track is due out on 5th December via Fifi Records, backed by ‘Mother Benita’, and you can listen to it below: