Kelson Mathias Leaves Future Of The Left

May 9, 2010 by  

On Friday (May 7) Future of the Left made two very important announcements on their Myspace blog regarding bassist Kelson Mathias leaving the band and their third studio album.

Through the blog, Kelson Mathias announced he would be leaving the band, writing ‘I’d just like to say thanks to everyone that’s supported me in this band over the past 5 years, everyone that I’ve met at shows all over the world and all the bands I’ve had the pleasure to play gigs with.” He continued ‘I’d like to wish Andy and Jack the best for the future.’

This was quickly followed up by ex-Mclusky man Falco stating ‘Kelson has left the band…How do we feel about it, as a band? Well, sad, happy, annoyed and relieved at the same time.’ He then continued to confirm the band are not splitting up and wished Kelson good luck for the future, ‘Future of the left is still a band, a thing, the centre of our unremarkable lives and continues, if anything, with more effort and furious pride than ever before. We wish Kelson good luck and hope that he flourishes in whatever he ends up doing.’

Falco then revealed that work has begun on their third studio album with a new member, ‘Writing for the new record has begun and we’re already many songs down the road, written and demo’d’. He continued, ‘These songs, such as they are, were recorded with our soon-to-revealed fourth member, whose main role(s) in the band are to play guitar and act like a fucking maniac.’

Future of the Left will play still play the following dates:

03 Rainbow, ? Birmingham, UK
04 The Lexington ? London,
05 580?s ? Nottingham, UK
09 Tours Aucard de Tours Festival (main stage) ? France

08 Pula Marelica Club, Art & Music Festival, Croatia
16 2000 Trees Festival ? Cheltenham, UK
17 Central Station ? Wrexham, UK
18 Moho Live, Aftershow Club ? Manchester, UK
25 Trust Fest (barn stage) ? Oxford, UK