kate Nash Announces New Tour And Makes Some Videos

February 23, 2010 by  

Kate Nash is set to launch her new album with a series of small shows throughout the UK.

Writing on her blog today the singer announced she will play Glasgow on March 6 and continue touring playing dates in Leeds (7), Brighton (8) and London (11).

Kat also created some new videos and pictiures which can be seen on her blog here

Or just read what she said below:


I’m just writing to tell you some news..

Firstly, there has been a few adjustments to my new website as it wasn’t quite right when it first went up, it’s been fixed now and…

there are some teaser clips in the videos section, basically some cute films showing how the album was made set to about 30 seconds of my new single ‘Do Wah Doo’

Another thing I wanted to tell you was that I made a jumper for Binki Shapiro’s Crafts for Causes Charity Auction. The money goes towards those suffering in Haiti.

You can check it out and bid for it, along with many other items donated, here… http://craftsforacause.tumblr.com/

Also wanted to thank those of you who contributed to the Book I’m making with stories and experiences of love, I’m still getting through them, my evenings are filled with tales of romance and heartbreak.

It’s pretty dreamy.

You can also now buy tickets from the website (www.katenash.co.uk ) for a small warm up tour that I’m doing in March, should be a lot of fun, just like the good old days.

And finally, I shot the video for Do Wah Doo last week on thursday and it was so so much fun! The best fun I ever had on a video shoot. It stars a lot of my wonderful friends who are pretty much amazing. I wrote the treatment almost a year ago, it’s a love story set on a plane in the late 50’s, for some reason the idea has always been in my head.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some pics from the video and I hope you enjoy the short films on the website. ok byeeeeeeeee?