Jarvis Cocker Glastonbury Stage Invader Comes Forward

July 3, 2009 by  


Ralph Phillips, drummer of hip hop/ electro pop outfit Ezra Bang and Hot Machine has come forward to give his account as to why he crashed Brit-pop legend Jarivs Cocker?s set at Glastonbury Festival last week.

His statement reads:

I must come forward about this. I had taken to the stage to share a moment with my hero Jarvis before the crowd of brit-pop fans. I played three sets at the festival that weekend with my band Ezra Bang & Hot Machine. Upon my adventures around the festival I saw some fantastic music and a lot of poor music. My point was to highlight and celebrate one of this country’s last true heroes of music.

A correction is due; Calmy approaching the stage, I popped the champagne with Jarvis, “What?s this!?” exclaimed the front man, he then took the bottle out of my hands in exchange for the microphone, at which point I was obliged to expound my passions to the 5000 strong crowd. A righteous gesture.

Bring on the next renaissance of music.

Ralph Phillips